The brand

Thanks to its history and its unrivalled know-how, Aster has the strengths to stand the test of time.

The origins

Children's footwear brand, Aster, was founded in 1913 in the Périgord, in Saint Astier. Its founder, Sicaire Georges, wanted to guide children’s first steps by offering them suitable shoes.

The aim was for Aster’s first shoes to be light and as supple as possible with the materials available at the time.

The first model created was the Dingo, a T-strap shoe with six perforations reminiscent of the brand’s famous flower logo.

Aster has since proposed a range for small children: Odjumbo for babies and Bimbo for first steps. All of these shoes come in various colours, updated in line with trends.


A premium brand synonymous with rigour, quality, authenticity and stylistic harmony, Aster feeds on its past and the eternal values of childhood to offer a neo-classical style.

Trendy and timeless, comfortable and stylish, smart and casual, Aster shoes with in keeping with the times, yet keep their distance from the diktats of fleeting and impractical fashions, to bring a modern style to its very authentic classic heritage.


It is essential to get off on the right foot in life, and because babies' and children's feet are fragile and developing all the time, it is important to protect them and to help them to grow up.


To allow each child to grow, step by step, by creating quality shoes and guiding their parents in their choice, keeping a distance from the diktats of fleeting and impractical fashions, in an up-to-date and contemporary style.