Get the right shoes for your child

Buying your child’s first shoes always raises questions which Aster wants to answer with care.

Choosing the right model



  1. For BABIES

    Perfectly suitable for first steps and for babies who are starting to stand up, our shoes help babies to walk and guarantee optimal safety. A high upper, laces, heel counter, padded collar, non-slip sole: the entire foot is perfectly supported while providing flexibility for greater comfort.

  2. Confident walkers

    Lastly, OLDER CHILDREN can start to match their shoes to their looks with our collections which change every season and are inspired by the latest trends.

A helping hand

  1. Professional assistance

    To ensure your child wears the correct footwear, it is important to not only take into account how they feel, but to get professional assistance. A child cannot say if they feel comfortable or not in their shoes, and their feet grow very quickly, especially when they are very young.

    Always have their feet measured by a professional and never assume that too big is better than too small.

    Download the Aster foot scale

  2. Morphology & Well-being

    Shoes must be perfectly suited to the morphology of the feet so that they can grow correctly and also to help the child to learn to walk.

  3. Do not use second-hand shoes

    Never reuse shoes that have already been worn by another child. Each child marks their shoes with the morphology of their own feet. It is essential for a child to wear new shoes so that their feet can comfortably settle inside and develop.

  4. Choose preferably leather

    Opt preferably for leather and leather-lined models. They allow the feet to breathe.

Glossary of shoe parts

  • Flexible sole

    Gives the shoe flexibility and allows the child to naturally strengthen the muscles in their feet

  • Foot arch

    Aids development of the child’s natural foot arch.

  • Foam insole

    Provides comfort to the child’s foot and cushions impact when walking on uneven ground.

  • Removable insole

    The removable insole can be replaced with orthopaedic soles if the child has some. It is also possible to remove it to dry if the child has perspired inside the shoe

  • Inner zip

    The zip allows the child to become more autonomous as they can easily put on and take off their shoes independently

  • Outer zip

    The zip allows the child to become more autonomous as they can easily put on and take off their shoes independently