Care advice

It is essential to clean and care for your leather shoes as their lifespan depends on it.
Aster advises you on how to care for your shoes depending on the type of leather. 

Caring for different types of leather

  • Suede leathers (nubuck)

    • Brush with natural crepe
    • For more persistent stains, it is preferable to use a wire brush or a suede eraser
    • Clean with soapy water and leave to dry
    • Then use a coloured leather spray
  • Smooth or textured leathers

    • Clean with a soft brush to remove any surplus polish or dust residues
    • Apply a small amount of coloured leather polish
    • Leave to dry and then shine
  • Suede split

    • Brush the leather
    • Clean it with soapy water and leave to dry
    • Spray on a water-proofing product to keep the suede effect, or use polish for a smoother finish