A theme inspired by autumnal nature, which gives a “country touch” to the city.

Our classic outdoor models have new-found vitality thanks to more urban influences.

The shapes are simple, the shoe construction is modernised, the colours are warm and the fabrics have a matte or slightly shiny appearance, including velvet.

The colour range is also discreet: camel, navy, dark grey, true navy and blood orange for boys, with additional cherry, autumnal pink and pink-taupe for girls.

This theme is inspired by the night, by nocturnal landscapes, be they urban, rural or galactic!

A theme with two aspects: on the one hand, the magical expression of the night with contrasting brightness and darkness and, on the other hand, minimalistic shapes and graphics to express a return to basics.

The graphics, fabrics and the colour range of this theme are familiar, of course, but essential for this trend.

For girls, Aster expresses this theme with nocturnal animals, constellations, stars, etc.

The fabrics have a shiny appearance thanks to lacquer, glitter or metallic films, and a matte appearance thanks to velvet and nubuck.

The colour range is black, navy, grey, beige, burgundy, with metal to contrast.